Recently graduated with a Masters in Economics and thought it was time to start blogging. I Decided that I wanted do something more than just a blog-post-a-day current events type blog and so I chose the name Econ Essays to represent the fact that I will be updating infrequently but hopefully the content I do post will be more in depth and thought provoking.

Mostly this blog will be a place for me to write essays on whatever books I am currently reading. During my undergrad I was heavily influenced in my economic and political views by the Nobel Prize winning economist Friedrich A. Hayek. I plan on starting this blog by working my way through Hayek’s political works such as Road to Serfdom, Fatal Conceit and then will try and work through some of his economic works such as Prices and Production and The Pure Theory of Capital. If I ever complete that rather daunting task then I’ll just write about whatever catches my interest.

So if you are interested in taking a look at politics and economics from a view outside of the mainstream then please stick around enjoy the ride.

  1. #1 by wide open spaces on July 25, 2011 - 1:57 pm

    This is a really cool idea-I hope more people will read Hayek, as there is a lot we can learn from him. Thanks for sharing!

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